9 Top Romance Books for Adults to Read in 2021

Romance books are never out of fashion. In troubling times when the world is fighting with a pandemic and climate change, we need to relieve our minds and read something that helps us connect with our loved ones.

What could be better than to go through a list of the best romance books to read this year and get back into action with your partner! Waste no more time and start reading:

1) The Covey Jencks Mysteries: Love and Murder Deep in the Heart of Texas – Shelton L. Williams

Shelton L. Williams is an academician, author and sportsperson. He has written many nonfiction and fiction books about social forces that lead to intrigue, death, love and murder.

His latest crime fiction work, ‘The Covey Jencks Mysteries: Love and Murder Deep in the Heart of Texas’ is a mix of mystery, crime and romance. His lead characters, Covey Jencks and JayJay Qualls, form an interracial couple moonlighting as detectives solving the mystery and criminal cases in Texas. This book is included in top romance books because the couple experiences plenty of romance during their quest for the truth, which uniquely sparks their romance.

2) The Heart Principle – Helen Hoang

Helen Hoang has set up two characters Anna Sun and Quan Diep, in what seems like a web of fate. One has insecurities about his body, and the other is recovering from ‘unwanted fame’. The situation is perfect for a one-night stand, but their problems keep them connected for many nights ahead.

3) You Had Me At Hola – Alexis Daria

Alexis Daria has blended reality with a plot featuring an actress Jasmine Lin Rodriguez who finds herself paired with a legendary actor Ashton Suarez. In the soap, they have to play the roles of two exes forced to work together. Their real-life attraction and the love-hate relationship in the soap makes things pretty interesting.

4) The Hating Game – Sally Thorne

 Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman are two co-workers at a publishing company. They don’t get along well, and things start to heat up even more when a project brings them to the same table. They did not expect that when things heated up, it would be because of the spark between them.

5) Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

This young adult fiction book by Rainbow Rowell is one of the good romance books in modern times. Set in 1986, Eleanor and Park cross paths, but they come from entirely different backgrounds. Eleanor belongs to a chaotic family, and Park prefers to stay out of the spotlight, still connect at a level beyond their imagination and control.

6) Love At First Like – Hannah Orenstein

This book is one of the romantic books to read in the social media era as it begins with an Instagram post. When Eliza Roth mistakenly posts a picture of herself with a diamond ring, people fill in the rest of the details. To continue their story to be real, she must find a fiancé. She finds herself a good fake one, but she does not realize that he could become the real one.

7) It Ends With Us – Colleen Hoover

When Lily meets neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid, and she finds success in getting a date with him even with his ‘no dating’ rule, she seems to be on the top of the world. But his stubborn nature keeps putting her off. When an old relationship is rekindled, she has to question her first success as well.

8) The Proposal – Jasmine Guillory

It’s not a surprise when freelance writer Nik’s boyfriend proposes to her at a Dodger’s game. She says no, and they become more famous because of the failed proposal video. Enter Carlos, a handsome doctor who saves Nik from all the chaos. Can he be the one in the proposer’s position?

9) Vision In White – Nora Roberts

The famous romance novelist has put two contrasting characters together to make an unexpected couple. Photographer Mackensie Elliot meets English teacher Carter Maguire at a wedding, and they hit it off against all odds. What starts as a casual affair might become as serious as the event that brought them together

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